Arun Kumar Singh
Arun Kumar Singh

All possible efforts will be made to establish FHRAI-IHM as a premier institute of hospitality education in the next few years. We want our students to develop a positive attitude towards the hospitality industry, improve their communication skills, and acquire knowledge & skills that are most suitable for managerial and senior supervisory jobs or self-employment in hospitality & allied industries


Hospitality institutes play a very important role in developing a positive attitude, improving personality, communication skills & knowledge.


This has been proved in the last 66 years in the country and IHMs did their best in shaping the careers of students. Today, we can see that top executives of hospitality organisations are from IHMs. In the last 50 years a large number of alumni of IHMs have proved their mettle in non-hospitality organisations due to proper development of attitude, communication & personality within a span of three years while they were in the institute.


The placement scenario of hospitality institutes was good before the outbreak of COVID-19. As the world came to a virtual standstill and public at large being confined to their homes to fight the coronavirus pandemic, one sector which was affected the most is ‘travel’. As expected, the pandemic has had an adverse impact on the hospitality industry. However, we hope that by the time our first batch will be ready for the industry we will make our presence felt, thus leading to better placements in the industry.


I started as Principal, IHM Jodhpur with an intake of 20 students, then moved to IHM, Lucknow and finally IHM Mumbai, the largest & oldest and most reputed institute of hospitality management in the country. The vast experience I have gained over the years will be utilised along with the team under the guidance of FHRAI to position FHRAI-IHM as a leading hospitality management institute of the country.

Hospitality institutes play a very important role in developing a positive attitude


At FHRAI-IHM, apart from our regular academic inputs, we will be focusing on working towards overall personality development and improving the communication skills as well as techniques of our students. Also, research & development and inclusion of case studies to sharpen the intellectual mind of students will help in building their self-confidence and will enable to to move ahead in their career. .