The need of the hour
Next-gen hoteliers must be physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of dealing with any crisis, opines Abhinay Sharma, Teaching Associate, FHRAI-IHM, Greater Noida.
abhinay sharma

Abhinay Sharma

The soul maxim of the hotel industry, Atithi devo bhava, is a citation from the Taittiriya Upanishad which states, "Guest as God." This stands true to the test of time as it forms the basis for the hospitality industry. The endless social events around us are possible due to this industry. Being in the utopia of modernisation, we have hotels with stateof-the-art architecture, embedded with top-notch luxuries and with a touch of the latest technological advancements. This further uplifts guest needs and expectations, but raises a red light over the increasing guest expectations due to changing times. Such situations entail a great deal of responsibility on the part of hoteliers, particularly the frontline associates of their respective core areas, who bear the brunt of the consequences of any adverse situation.

Consequences of any adverse situation. Upon taking a close look, we see that these associates are none other than the freshly graduated students who have till now imagined the industry and its work process through the pages of their text books. They have a serene imagination of the industry, and all they are aware of is the sheen and shine of the soft floors, but they are seldom aware of the close-knit working process behind the doors. During the graduation years, institutions teach various service and culinary skills, such as serving wine to a guest in a fine dining restaurant or completing a guest's check-in or check-out formalities, but the most important skill development, that of emotional quotient, is somehow overlooked throughout the journey. It becomes necessary to highlight the workload, tiring shifts, and tedious situations in the day-to-day working process that are bound to take a toll on the emotional health.

Upon these budding years of these upcoming hoteliers, they should not only be made well-polished in terms of knowledge but also be given a fair knowledge of tricks and tact to survive in this industry.

As "the guest is always right," it becomes important for the managers and supervisors to groom their teams and strengthen their armour so as to keep their cool in high-pressure situations and deal with any uneven situations. There are many instances where the guests know their mistakes but hesitate to accept them. Hence, it is at these times that the emotional quotient of the staff is tested to the core, where the associate is expected to carry a well-balanced demeanour with a courteous apology to the guest. Taking the obstacles posed by COVID-19 in the hotel industry into consideration, we have to ensure that the upcoming generation of hoteliers are physically, mentally, and emotionally able to tackle any adverse situation.

The most important skill development of emotional quotient is overlooked