Diploma Food Beverage Service

Hunnar se Rojgar Tak

Skill Development, for the purpose of any Government scheme, is defined as any domain specific demand led skill training activity leading to employment or any outcome oriented activity that enables a participant to acquire a skill duly assessed and certified by an independent third party agency, and which enables him/her to get wage/self-employment leading to increased earnings, and/or improved working conditions, such as getting formal certification for hitherto informal skills, and/or moving from informal to formal sector jobs or pursue higher education/training. The Hunar Se Rozgar Tak scheme is for upskilling / reskilling and has assumed significance for social upliftment and employment of our youth. The scheme has been expanded to encompass different segments of the hospitality sector with predetermined objectives. Ministry of Tourism implemented Hunar Se Rozgar program through Hotel Management affiliated to NCHMCT. Programmes are supported and sponsored by MOT.